Welcome to the Crisis Resilience Alliance

Modern societies are characterized by the occurrence of a large number of major discontinuities and disruptions. Such disruptions may have different causes – financial crises, environmental disasters, earthquakes, hurricanes or pandemics – but their social, economic and supply-chain effects are remarkably similar. Disruptions with high stakes, high uncertainty, and which require an urgent response produce challenges at all levels of business and society.

The Crisis Resilience Alliance (CRA) aims to produce, gather and disseminate important research on crisis management and resilience. The primary objective of the Alliance is the continuous development of inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional collaborations on crisis and resilience research. We are interested especially in the following questions: What are the distinct characteristics of decisions during crises? What makes organizations and systems resilient to crises? How we can improve crisis management and develop resilient organizations and communities?

The goals of this website in particular are to aid in the Alliance’s collaboration and dissemination efforts. To this end, Members of the Alliance are invited to submit brief descriptions of their proposed projects to be posted on the website.

Descriptions should be sent to lily.yumagulova@gmail.com.