CRHNet Annual Symposium 2016: Inspiring Resilience





November 23-25, 2016, Hyatt Regency Montreal

1255 rue Jeanne-Mance, C.P. 130,
Montréal, Québec
Canada  H5B 1E5

At a time when governments are challenged to pursue a wide array of diversified short term and long term priorities, disasters appear as marginal occurrences. However, everyday, disaster risks impose on Canadians a heavier burden. From prevention and mitigation requirements to significant investments in recovery efforts, disasters remain part of our daily reality.

The goal of disaster resilience belongs to the society at large. The traditional approach of government programs and plans implementation seems to be reaching its achievement limits. It is now the time to revisit current approaches and consider empowering every component of civil society to contribute to disaster resilience. Beyond the call for a shared responsibility, everyone possesses assets for disaster resilience, and more importantly, everyone deserves a share of the benefits in making Canada a disaster resilient country.

This CRHNet symposium wishes to explore paths toward empowering Canadian civil society into disaster resilience. It is now time to look at intrinsic motivations and distributed benefits, rather than relying only on legislation, program and funding as the primary instruments to achieve disaster resilience.

Call for Sessions, Presentations and Posters      

CRHNet calls for session, presentation and poster proposals from researchers and practitioners to inspire the Canadian disaster risk reduction community on informative, creative, innovative and proven means to achieve success. Your special session defines a particular theme and would host relevant presentations and posters. CRHNet will give prominence to posters during the symposium.

Please use the online submission form for your session, presentation and poster proposals. For enquires, please contact the CRHNet Executive Director