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Research news from our members

1. David Etkin, York University published a book titled Disaster Theory: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Concepts and Causes (Elsevier, Inc.). Foreword by Ian Burton, with contributions from Ken Hewitt, Joe Scanlon, Naomi Zack, John (Jack) Lindsay, Robin Cox, Jean Slick and Susan McGregor. “At last, a textbook that comprehensively spells out the theoretical basis of emergency and disaster management”. 

2. The Crisis Resilience Alliance members Lorenzo Chelleri, James J Waters, Marta Olazabal and Guido Minucci have published a paper titled Resilience Trade-offs: addressing multiple scales and temporal aspects of urban resilience. The study takes a critical look at the notion of urban resilience by analysing three case studies: flood risk management in the Dutch polders, Bolivian quinoa market, and spatial diversity in the adaptive capacity of Kampala slums. The paper has been awarded OPEN ACCESS status and can be downloaded for free.

3. Lilia Yumagulova, Crisis Resilience Alliance, participated in the Availability of Infrastructure: Resilient Cities  study conducted by Institution of Civil Engineers, UK. The study reviewed resilience focused initiatives in New York, Vancouver and Rotterdam.

4. The article titled Public-private partnerships for the development of disaster resilient communities by Justine Chen, Ted HsuanYun Chen, Ilan Vertinsky, Lilia Yumagulova and Chansoo Park has been reprinted in the City Resilience compendium by Taylor and Francis. Edited by Michael Burayidi, “this four volume series rectifies this problem by bringing the work of leading thinkers on the subject and the most influential research on city resilience into one document that is readily accessible to researchers. The editor provides an introduction for each of the four volumes synthesizing the articles and identifying the essential message conveyed in the volume”.