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Youth Disaster Risk Education, Action, & Mobilization (DREAM) Council

Youth and young professionals can play leadership roles in educating, preparing  and recovering from disasters.

The Canadian Youth Disaster Risk Education, Action, & Mobilization (DREAM) Council is a joint initiative of the Canadian Risks and Hazards Network, Crisis Resilience Alliance, Educonnexion, and University partners.

If you are interested in becoming an affirming partner, a university representative or would like to learn more please email: crhnet.yp@gmail.com

DREAM Council will seek to achieve the following objectives:

  • Build partnerships to enhance, increase, and implement engagement of youth in disaster prevention programs;
  • Enable future generation of emergency mangers and disaster prevention specialists across Canada;
  • Provide recommendations to partners on increasing disaster resilience from the newly established Youth Disaster Risk Reduction Advisory Council;
  • Connect and enable youth leadership within their communities and nationally;
  • Increase school and university preparedness.
  • Build volunteer capacity and connections among youth, young professionals and communities.